For the Ones I Tried to Love (Unfinished)


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Bronte Ellis
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Bronte Ellis I think you both are two of the most beautiful, talented, sweetest men on this earth. I love you both so much <3

And because I genuinely fucking enjoy these tracks. Holy shit. Favorite track: Tired.
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released February 1, 2016



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NO HOPER Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Haunt
If you could see the man i've been
you'd beg me darling
just to be the man i was before
but i can't see him now
he's buiried darling
don't forget the way you wrestled me into the ground

if i could say the words
you want to hear you know i'd scream them
i just cannot bring myself to speak
cause i have wasted hours
reciting lines that i could tell you
but they all seem to point out just how fucked we are

and you are in my dreams
always fading in the morning
always stirring when i drift to sleep
i've tried to exorcize
but you will haunt my sleep
Track Name: Tired
end of every night there's an empty silence
clinging to the air as our voices quiet
only get so far with a spoken language
tell myself in sleep that we're still untangling

always need a map of my head outside it
and i shoulder i can rest on but i dont seek either
only really shows when i get this tired
Track Name: King Hit
theres a voice i hear it too
tells me i should think shit through
maybe she'd be better off
it only really comes
with a king hit to the lungs
and its just me

why does it feel like its all left up to me?
i never wanted to take things so seriously
can we all work it out?

we're not the people who
have real shit to all go through
need a job
then we'll see
am i losing all my friends
or are we blazing up again
is it just me
or is it just me

we'll see
Track Name: Rows
well am i alone?
with me now and then
sometimes you are younger
always voiceless

try and kick me out
you will miss the rows
i know you think im him
i cant be him
Track Name: Crimes
i can't tell you it was never my secret to tell
dont you tell a soul let alone that it came from me
if you end
alone again
i will be the cause to your despair
you will be the one who goes nowhere

i can tell your mother she said hi and wish her well
she admits through small talk that she worries of your health
i find you so ordinary despite all who hold you dearly

if you end alone again
i will be the cause to your despair
you will be the one who goes nowhere
Track Name: Melting
every day the same dream
the polar bears are melting
i shouldve stayed in bed
im leaving

you shouldn't be complaining
i'll do it when i can
i shouldn't be still drinking
but i am
and i have been
since 10
Track Name: Night Walking
so i took you out
night walking
with me

i woke up alone
in the bottom of your young infested soul
you’d been sleeping for an age
letting a delusion cover up your pain
but you felt it just the same
and the discord slowly made you go insane
see you did this to yourself
i just whispered things to help you see the way

now its over baby
let me take you out
night walking
with me
let me take you out
Track Name: 10 Years
what happened to my empathy?
sweet lies that sung me to sleep
when you talk I’m not sure i feel anything
i see a window over me
bright light and endless daydreams
but right now id rather just be chemistry

i wanna know if you'll think of me
in 10 years and miss me deeply
but i hope you just move on from all of this
i wanna tell you to find your dream
and get lost in all loves mystery
to say sorry and thank you love for everything